Your Sales Ops Strategy for 2019

The modern role of sales operations is fast evolving. Find out how sales ops leaders are tackling sales processes, sales enablement, analysis and relationships in 2019. Plus, learn how to measure your success in sales ops.
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80.5% of tech businesses now have a dedicated sales ops team or person.

Perhaps it’s time we take a look at what the fundamentals of sales operations really are.

We've updated our popular Guide to Sales Operations to include even more tips, tricks and insider expertise from the industry leaders themselves. 

Hear directly from 10 sales ops leaders, including:

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Stephen Haltom, Director of Sales Operations
Kyriba-logo sales ops ebook
Claire Maisonnave-Couterou, Sales Operations Manager
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Brandon Bussey, Director of Revenue Operations
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Catherine Mandungu, Director of Sales Operations

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At Kluster, we come to work every day because we want to make you and your business grow faster. It’s no secret that without intelligence, data is nothing. We believe that growing sales teams have the right to advanced mathematical models otherwise only seen in city firms and academia. Put simply, we want to shine the light on your CRM data so you can take your innovations to market faster. That’s why we’ve put our heads together with our growing community of sales operations leaders to create the smartest sales analytics platform. Finally, the tool kit to engineer for growth is here.

What's inside?

Chapter 1 Meet our contributors
Chapter 2 The fundamentals of sales ops
Chapter 3 Where to start & what to tackle first
Chapter 4 How to measure success in sales ops