Use Data to Maximise Your Salespeople's Performance

The one-on-one can be a tricky affair. However, if armed with the right performance data and visibility, the one-on-one becomes a slick, data-fuelled encounter that leaves no stone unturned.

Use Kluster's data checklist to get the most out of your salespeople, hone your one-on-ones, and ultimately, boost results.

With Kluster's data checklist for the perfect sales one-on-one, you'll get:

  • A list of 11 key metrics you and your salespeople should be measuring
  • Advice on how to boost these metrics with granularity, trends, and comparisons
The data you need for the perfect sales one-on-one

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The Secret to an Effective Sales One-On-One

1. Gather the correct performance data (use our checklist!)

2. Make the data continually visible and contextual

3. Provide a single source of truth for accountability

4. Lay out next steps that you both believe is the right course of action

5. Celebrate small improvements and project how they move the bigger picture
Sales one-on-one

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