The Guide to Sales Metrics: 3 pipeline metrics every sales leader should be measuring

Using metrics effectively ensures that decisions for sales investment are based on
specific issues, not broad themes.

In this eBook we'll be exploring the three sales pipeline metrics
every sales leader should be measuring:

Funnel Conversion Rate, Stage Tenancy, Stage Discounting

We'll be using a case study to demonstrate exactly how you can start measuring these metrics in your role.

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In this eBook we'll be exploring the three sales pipeline metrics every sales leader should be measuring:

funnel conversion rate
Funnel Conversion Rate


Funnel conversion rate calculates the proportion of opportunities that make it from one stage in the sales process to the next. Typically, analysing the worst stage conversion rate is the most effective route to higher win rates.

Stage tenancy
Stage Tenancy


Stage tenancy indicates the sales stages that salespeople spend most time in. Identifying the slowest stages will open up opportunities for sales enablement that can improve sales cycles by focusing on key bottlenecks.

Stage discounting
Stage Discounting


Stage discounting catches the part of the sales process where salespeople discount most. Understanding why discounting happens at specific points is crucial for effective coaching, processes, and sales enablement.

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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Funnel Conversion Rate
Chapter 3 Sales Tenancy
Chapter 4 Stage Discounting