The 5 Data Points You Need to Improve Your Pipeline Visibility

It's natural for a sales rep to highlight the updates that make an opportunity sound more likely.

But your job is to understand what is really happening and what the best course of action is.

Use Kluster's data checklist to take control of your pipeline. 

With Kluster's data checklist for improving your pipeline visibility, you'll get:

  • A list of the 5 change data points you should be measuring
  • Easy to follow guidelines for actioning these insights to maximum effect
Pipeline visibility checklist

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Sneak Peek: Close Date Movement

The first change data point on our checklist is Close Date Movement.

Key data points:

  • Current close date
  • Previous close date
  • No. of days pushed or pulled
  • Days since close date changed
  • No. times closed date changed

Download the full checklist to find out how to action these insights. 

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