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Kantar Media use live customised charts, reporting tools and forecasting algorithms to drive predictable revenue and grow their business. 

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From drowning in spreadsheets to billing their biggest month ever

Even the best sales leaders spend valuable time making countless spreadsheets, only for them to never to be used.

Dave McGrath, Sales Director at Kantar Media built spreadsheet systems for management, and forecasting for products and teams. He would email the spreadsheets across the business and amalgamate them weekly.

The management style was on point, but Dave knew the opportunity cost of his time spent was too high.

With Kluster’s help, Dave now has live customised charts, reporting tools and forecasting algorithms deployed for him on the Kluster sales analytics platform.

Now Dave has more time to actually look at his sales data and plan his team’s next move.

Turns out Dave’s newly found free time was well spent. Kantar Media billed the biggest month in their company’s history, in the first live month on Kluster.

Bespoke dashboards.png

Bespoke dashboards

Custom analytics give you immediate, live insight into sales performance.

Vision targets.png

Vision targets

Model, create and monitor KPIs that are statistically proven to increase revenue.

Win and lose factors.png

Win/lose factors

Improve win ratio by understanding which prospects are likely to win or fail.

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