Flip your pipeline integrity on its head

Ayming drives results with accurate pipeline predictions and insight into their salespeople's performance.

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From lack of insight to driving results with pipeline intelligence

Patrick Totty, Head of Sales at Ayming UK always made sure his team were accountable for their own pipeline and results.

But the team were lacking insight into their performances.

After implementing Kluster, Patrick’s team were empowered with accurate pipeline predictions and greater insight into their performance, enabling them to understand exactly where they’re behind and what actions are necessary to bridge that gap.

Now Patrick has more visibility over his team and can zoom in on the areas of greatest risk and action them before it's too late.

According to Patrick, Kluster has flipped his pipeline integrity on its head.

Bespoke dashboards.png

Bespoke dashboards

Custom analytics give you immediate, live insight into sales performance.

Vision targets.png

Vision targets

Model, create and monitor KPIs that are statistically proven to increase revenue.

Win and lose factors.png

Win/lose factors

Improve win ratio by understanding which prospects are likely to win or fail.

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